How to Hold and Use a Chef’s Knife

As the name implies, the chef’s knife is a specialized tool for chefs and those who cook for themselves regularly. According to most chefs, it is one of the essential tools in the kitchen. It can accomplish just about any task involving cutting, slicing, or chopping food items when used correctly. Correct use of this all-purpose knife will significantly speed up your food preparation time and make the overall job more manageable.

When you first pick up a chef’s knife (or any kitchen knife), you’ll discover they feel lighter than you might expect, but they are pretty heavy compared to everyday knives. Unlike most knives, they have very thick blades explicitly designed for slicing through meat and vegetables without smashing them into oblivion like chefs are prone to do.

A chef’s knife requires very little maintenance, but it does need to be kept sharp to perform its duties well and keep you safe when using it. Most chefs will tell you that they never use a chef’s knife without using expensive steel, called a grindstone, explicitly designed for this purpose. If you purchase a chef’s knife, make sure you get one of these along with it or buy them together simultaneously so that your new chef’s knife is ready to cut the day you receive it.

A chef’s knife can be used to cut up everything from meat and fish to fruits and vegetables, chopping them down small enough to fit into the pot or pan you’re using to cook them in. This makes chef’s knives a popular choice for both chefs and those who enjoy cooking as a hobby and want something that will speed up their food preparation times without sacrificing results.

The chef’s knife got its name because it is one of the most commonly used kitchen tools by chefs. Still, other specialized knives exist, such as carving knives designed specifically for cutting roasts apart into neat slices that are easy to serve and eat. These fillet knives allow you to remove all bones from fish with ease and bone knives that make removing meat from an animal carcass cleaner and faster than a regular old butcher’s knife.