Different Chef Knives you Need to Know About

Chef’s knives. These are used while preparing meals. Generally, it is used to dice, chop and slice various foods and vegetables. It was primarily designed to cut and split up significant beef cuts, but now it is a common utensil found in most kitchens. The knife has a broad blade that is attenuated at a point. This feature allows it to move gently to and from back and forth while mincing. It is has a length of 6 to 12 inches with different handle sizes.

Kitchen knives. The knives have the primary purpose in the kitchen while preparing food. There are three main types of kitchen knives; chef bread and utility knives, while other knives are used for luxury as their use is not a must. Utility knives are a combination of paring and slicing, which are not as broad as the chef’s knives but with scalloped blades and edges. They are ideal for food preparation and slicing vegetables and fruits. Bread knives have a serrated blade designed for cutting bread. The length is 7 to 10 inches long.

Grindstone. It is a large stone used to sharpen metal tools used for cutting, such as knives. The Grindstone varies from size to size, depending on the use. There are three main types of grindstones; fine-grit medium grit and coarse grit grindstone. The small types of, Grindstone are commonly used in the kitchen to sharpen cutting utensils, especially knives.

Japanese knives. The knives are among the high-quality knives. There are a wide variety of Japanese knives. The common ones are the vegetable knives such as Usuba, Nakiri, and Kamagata Usuba, slicing knives such as Yanagiba, carving knives such as Deba, and chefs knives such as Gyuto. The popular Japanese knives can be grouped as double or single beveled blades.

Vegetable knives. These are types of knives that are used to chop dice and slice vegetables. (https://www.originalknives.no) They are also used to cut large and small vegetables into small sizes. The knives have a straight blade that allows them to cut through the vegetable without using a pull motion or a horizontal push. The knives have a much thinner blade than any other knife, with 5 to 7 inches. (https://www.originalknives.no/suncraft/) Vegetable knives will give the best results when it comes to the chopping of vegetables. This makes them efficient in cutting small and large vegetables into small sizes. (https://www.originalknives.no/slipesteiner/)

Slicing knives. The knives are more flexible and used while cutting slices of fruits, vegetables, and roast. The knives have a pointed blade that is elongated. The knives are 8 to 10 inches long for the edge. They can be shorter to get thin and best slices. These features make the knives efficient while slicing food.

Knife set. This is a combination of different types of knives which have varying features and uses. A knife set can have from 3 to 18 pieces of knives, whereas the basic knife set is the paring knife, serrated knives, and chef’s knives. The three essential knives should be in every batch of knives.